Future Tech Solar

Discover the integrated Roofit.Solar solution

An integrated solar solution that is simple, elegant but most importantly, efficient

Our integrated solar roof combines Nordic design with premium materials and highly efficient solar technology.


Why choose Roofit.Solar

High efficiency

Roofit.Solar panels are designed to maximize energy production

Durable construction

Built to withstand various weather conditions for long-lasting performance

Sleek design

Aesthetically pleasing panels that blend seamlessly with your roof

Easy installation

A quick and proven installation process

Take a leap forward into the future by enhancing your roof with cutting-edge technology that not only shields your home from the elements but also harnesses sustainable energy.


Future Tech Solar

Future Tech Solar Ltd believes Roofit.Solar products are the future and as such concentrate their efforts by focusing on nothing but the sole distribution of Roofit.Solar products throughout the UK.

We provide private customers and businesses with an opportunity to adopt Roofit.Solar’s sustainable, ground-breaking solutions, in order to develop energy-efficient cost savings, whilst enhancing, not detracting, from the aesthetics of any property.